Assisted Shopping

Customer’s behavior in a store is monitored by a qualified interviewer who unbiasedly observes customer’s shopping and then, through questioning, finds out what motivates him to choose a particular product, and what subconscious habits are used in shopping.

Mystery Calling

Using mystery phone calls, we test the quality of customer service at info lines. For example, we can find out the skills and knowledge of operators, waiting time, or the effectiveness of communication with a customer.

Mystery calling is a tool for mapping the level of communication and customer care. It is based on a fictitious phone call during which our trained worker proceeds according to a given scenario. The result of mystery calling usually is an overall assessment of operator’s approach.

Personal Interviewing

We specialize in data collection by personal interviewing. Interviewing is conducted in stores, shopping centers, or in surrounding areas. In these polls, we can track the movement and orientation of customers in a store, shopping behavior, planned and impulsive shopping, the influence of advertising materials, etc.

Selection of respondents is done randomly or according to the specification of an assignment, in selected segments of a target group or as a representative sample of the entire population of the Czech Republic.

Interviewing is conducted by trained interviewers. Interviewers must undergo personal training before they can interview in a field. All training takes place according to generally valid standards for interviewing. Multiple control mechanisms are applied to each data collection. We place great emphasis on quality control of our interviewers and supervisors.

We use smartphones / tablets for collecting data that allow verifying of data in real time and effective filling of quota requirements, we also conduct interviews using standard paper questionnaires. The collection of data through an interviewing network is handled by our own capacities.

Mystery Shopping

Get to know your product from a customer’s perspective by using the method of fictitious purchases.

Do you want to know the quality level of your or competitive services? Do you ask if your employees are courteous, how they can communicate and get a customer, what products they recommend, whether they know all the information necessary to sell a product, what the customer service is like or how swift responses are? We can answer all these questions using a mystery shopping method.

Using fictitious purchases or queries, we monitor performance at a points of sale. A mystery shopper tests a sales place as a customer while getting detailed information on the quality of service. Unlike with internal control mechanisms, with this type of research, there is no risk of information leak about an inspection being carried out.

This is a standardized observation method where through a pre-prepared scenario, it is possible to identify, then compare and evaluate monitored data. Thanks to the use of mystery shopping, we can design processes that will help to increase the efficiency of an entire sales network.

Online Questioning

Data collection takes place via the Internet on the on-line panel of respondents.

The selection of respondents is carried out according to the specification of an assignment within a representative sample of Internet users throughout the Czech Republic or in selected segments of a target population.

Studio Tests

These are multiple tests using TV and video equipment, they can be linked to product testing or tasting. Tests are conducted with smaller groups of respondents in selected locations across the country. Respondents are recruited directly at a research location, according to predefined criteria. These tests are usually conducted to optimize advertising concepts, packaging and product design, pre-testing of board advertising and poster, etc.

Besides the high control of interviewers, the advantage of studio tests also lies in their speed.

Group Interviews

Group discussion is one of basic qualitative research methods. It is controlled discussion of typically 8-10 respondents. Discussion on a given topic is conducted according to a pre-prepared scenario, by an experienced moderator, usually a psychologist, who consequently analyzes and interprets researched data. A qualified moderator uses various associative techniques, projections, etc. to uncover the subject of a research.

The basic method is usually supplemented by other specific procedures and techniques that allow the comprehensive analysis of considered facts. Discussions are usually monitored by a client directly through a one-way mirror, or it is possible to use on-line streaming and to follow everything on a monitor in the comfort of an office. During discussion, a client can ask additional questions via a moderator.

Telephone Interviewing

The methodology is suitable for quick and short public opinion surveys, customer satisfaction, or brand awareness. Phone-based interviewing is a fast and efficient way of collecting data across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

It is done according to a client’s exact assignment, either within a representative sample of the entire population of the Czech Republic or in selected segments of a target population. Thanks to a sophisticated computer system, filling of quota can be tracked online to optimize the course of a fieldwork. It is possible to apply audio recordings to a questionnaire when interviewing by a phone using a PC.

A telephone studio is equipped with a workstation that allows audiovisual control of the work of any interviewer during an interview.

In-depth Interviews

It is based on the principle of individual interviewing with the possibility of intensive interaction between an interviewer and interviewee. The basic method is supplemented by other specific procedures and techniques that allow the comprehensive analysis of researched facts.

In-depth interviews are conducted by professional interviewers, most often psychologists or sociologists. A qualified interviewer leads an individual interview with a respondent on a given topic according to a predefined scenario. It uses various methods such as free associations, projective techniques, numerical scale evaluations, etc.

Desk Research

Its usage is usually appropriate before entering a market. With this type of analysis, a client acquires basic and simultaneously substantial information about the situation in a sector or product category.

Secondary analysis of existing data from information sources.